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White model Ondria Hardin poses for Numéro Magazine in feature titled 'African Queen'

White model Ondria Hardin poses for Numéro Magazine in feature titled 'African Queen'


I feel like some people in black community are just really overly sensitive to EVERYTHING in the media that depicts us, yet do not offer a solution for what they are complaining about. We complain and nothing changes or the margin of change is so minimal that there is no point in even acknowledging it. The content producer chose not to use a black model for this shoot, surely that is their prerogative. We are not the dominant target market nor buyer of such magazines so the content creator is providing what they think will sell. Do I think black women are under represented in fashion? Heck yes! Do I think we will get anywhere by complaining about it? No! Do you think we are not represented appropriately within fashion? Well Invest to be  the solution to that problem. Create a high fashion magazine that focuses solely on woman of color, create fashion weeks that give black women that platform, create your own online content that celebrates us, open model agencies that create opportunity. Most importantly support black owned and stop  complaining then still giving your pennies to these same companies you complain about.


I know the majority opinion  on this topic is most likely opposite to mine stated above. I am really for being the solution by doing and not adding to the problem by just talking or complaining. I  make a real effort to highlight woman of colour that I spot on the runways and any editorials and will continue to do so on WITJ in the hope that this will inspire woman that they too CAN…

What are your opinions of this editorial and would you have done anything differently?

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