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Taking action against hard water starting with Vit.C Hair + Bod filter shower head.

Taking action against hard water starting with Vit.C Hair + Bod filter shower head.

I’ve looked into water softening systems that will remove the majority of the mineral deposits found in the water (calcium, chlorine, magnesium to name a few), but those options are costly. I was contacted by Vit.C Hair + Bod to trail their Vitamin C infused shower head and jumped at the chance to do so. Shower head attachment are a great stepping stone to removing some of the mineral deposits found in hard water. This option is also super affordable in the grand scheme of water softening. The Vit.C shower head attachment is available for shipping worldwide too. The shower head is easy to install as it attaches to a standard shower hose pipe. Running hot water through the shower head fora few minute activates the Vit.C shot and you are ready to use. Whilst using the shower head there is an increase in pressure (on my shower) while the shower head is attached. The pressure I feel really helps to deep clean the hair and skin thoroughly. Also gives a nice scalp massage.

I trailed the shower head for 2 weeks and my hair felt very soft and silky whilst the water from the shower was running through my hair. I give more details of the functionality of the shower head in the video above. I haven’t seen much notable differences in the health of my hair or skin as of yet, but will continue to use as I feel prolonged use will yield visible changes… I believe more so on my skin due to the Vitamin C and beads in the head that help to remove chlorine from the water. The replaceable Vit.C shots (which are cruelty free and contain natural ingredients) give off a nice citrus scent whilst hot water is running through the shower head. Vitamin C is fantastic for exfoliation and cell rejuvenation which improves the appearance of uneven skin tone.

I will be going more into detail about how water softness and hardness affects the body. I have even ordered some water testing strips from Amazon that test the hardness the water… Eventually, I will be investing in a water softening system once I move to my permanent place in Lagos (well as permanent permitting). Household appliances and clothes too are affected by hard water, so definitely something I will continue to look into. 

Have a browse of the Vit.C website for more information on their shower heads and give a try if you want to make that first step to better quality softer water. Receive 15% discount by following this link – or enter WOMANINTHEJUNGLE in promotion area. Promo expires on 29 Feb 2020 and apply only for shower filter kits only. Do you currently use a filter shower head or do you have a system installed throughout your home? Have you ever explored options for achieving softer water?

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