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Taking action against hard water starting with Vit.C Hair + Bod filter shower head.

Taking action against hard water starting with Vit.C Hair + Bod filter shower head.

‘HARD WATER’… Are these two words (in that order) words you consider on your natural hair journey? It is definitely not foreign to have discussions about drinking loads of water to hydrate from within and spraying your hair daily with water’ as water is the most efficient way to add moisture to your hair. Side note: Oils and butters are not moisturisers they are sealants hence why most moisturisers contain water (aqua) as the first ingredient on their ingredients list. What about the quality of the water that is flowing through your strands? How is that water physically affecting your natural tresses? Although the heavy mineral deposits that make water ‘hard’ are great for drinking water, they reek havoc on the hair (breakage, dryness, lack of shine) and skin (dryness, breakouts etc). 

I’ve struggled with hard water of varient degrees throughout my own natural hair journey, bouncing from one area in the U.K. to another and back again. England is notorious for having some of the hardest water in the U.K. and I don’t think a lot of U.K. naturals talk about or even realise the damage that hard water has on natural hair. When I was in softer water areas or houses that had water softener systems I always noticed major differences in my length retention, shine, moisture levels and my skin radiated… friends and family noticed the difference too. Making the move to shuttle between Nigeria and U.K I naively thought the water in the mother land would be far superior…Spoiler alert, it’s not…Although the water in my area is not as hard as some areas in Lagos and actually runs clear, it definitely has its issues as it’s water straight from a bore hole. My skin in particular takes a major hit (goes into shock) when I touch down in Lagos after being away, with my hair following suit months down the line. (Continued on next page)

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