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Nail Art | – This weeks paint job summer half moon mani

Nail Art | – This weeks paint job summer half moon mani

pink line long

*re-post* Another year has past and the half moon manicure is sill going strong. Here’s how I achieved this simple colour block, half moon mani, that is very summer appropriate.

Pick out two colours that you are going to use for the block effect. Try to go for colours that are not too close in tone or shade. I picked a mustard and a dark Mintish green. Your going to also need some paper hole reinforcers, which you can pick up from any stationary retailer. Don’t forget your base coat to protect the nail and a top coat to protect the nail design and stop chipping.


Apply your base coat, I do about two or three coats. Let the polish dry completely in between coats. You then want to paint the nails the colour that you want the half moon at the base of the nail to be. I decided to go for the Mustard. I did two coats. Again let the nail colour dry completely before moving on to the next stage. 


I let the nail colour dry for about 3-4 hours. Once dried, you want to start to apply the hole reinforcers to the base of the nail. Before placing reinforces on the nail, use your fingers to take some of the stickiness and tack off.


Once hole renforces are applied, apply your second nail colour. Again I did 2 coats. Remove the reinforces as soon as you have applied the colour on both hands. I used tweezers to do this. If the nail polish is left to dry it will lift up when you remove the reinforces. 


Let dry completely before adding your favourite top coat and you are done

pink line long

What are you favourite current nail trends?

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