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Things you may want to consider BEFORE dyeing your natural hair.

Things you may want to consider BEFORE dyeing your natural hair.

There are many naturals who like to wear their hair in its purest form. This is true even as it relates to its colour. For others, styling and colouring their hair is a form of self expression and an outward representation of their personality. We all know how diverse natural hair can be. When colour is added to this array of curls and kinks, the possibilities for individual expression becomes limitless. However there are things that you might want to consider before you embark on creating your new look.

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Know the condition of your hair

When it comes to colouring hair the condition of your hair should ultimately be the major decider on if you move forward. Take a step back, and make an honest assessment of your hair. See it for exactly what it is and not how you would want it to be for a second. If your hair is dry and damaged; then guess what? You need to step away from that hair dye and give your hair the attention it needs before you even think about adding anything to it. Taking on a colour treatment will only aggravate the problem more and cause the situation to become worse. This is not to say that you need to avoid colour forever, you just need to get your hair into a healthy enough state that it can withstand the treatments without suffering too much damage. Another thing to remember is to complete strand tests. This is useful in order to avoid having to take a trial and error approach on your full head of hair and also to avoid the occurrence of over-processing or bad reactions to the dye.

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