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Women are the business | Startup Loans A Success Story – “Mane Divas”

Women are the business | Startup Loans A Success Story – “Mane Divas”

I could be wrong, but I don’t think It wouldn’t be to far fetch of me to describe my generations (80s babies) and the next as the entrepreneur generation, with an evident amount of individuals ditching their conventional secure jobs to pursue they dreams of being their own boss, by opening their own businesses. I am seeing a lot of black men and women doing THEIR thing! Very successfully might I add. I myself am in the  process of trying to get a business off the ground and one of the major things slowing things down is financial constraints. It’s so frustrating to have an amazing idea and no financial backing to make it reality.

After hearing about the Start up loans that were set to launch late last year in the UK, especially in my current predicament, I was very intrigued to read about any success stories that had come out of an application for the loan. How did it really benefited the applicant to kick start their business. Fast forward to today, 6 Month after the official launch and we have a success story by way of Young entrepreneurs, Katrine Emmanuel and Tamara Plummer.

Mane DivasKatrine and Tamara untilized the start-up loans, which is government back, by applying through the Doug Richard’s School For Startup’ launcher programme. The duo are now set to launch Mane Divas‘ a new line of premium hair extensions. Katrina, who is due to qualify as a professional lawyer this year along with her partner Tamara, a project manager for an engineering company, both embarked on their new venture after some horrendous experiences buying hair extensions from rogue traders. Katrina recalls some of her experiences and shares, ‘… there is a certain disregard for excellent customer service and quality of extensions. In some cases you’ll have customers tussling over many of these overpriced hair pieces that are sure to last weeks rather than months if not years, as intended’ Tamara also let us know why Mane Divas was such a needed service, ’Mane Divas was born out of our frustration with high street retailers and suppliers. That is why our products are extensively tested by us, our friends & families with a strong emphasis on customer care and after support’.


Serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Doug Richard the founder of the School For Startup’ launcher programme says, ‘We are delighted with the progress Mane Divas has made and it is clear to see that many young people are eager to start up their own businesses and our free Launcher Programme is able to help them realise that goal’.  School for Startups has taught 20,000 budding entrepreneurs and small business owners from across the globe, since opening their doors in 2008.

The Mane Divas launch is set for this coming Saturday, May 4th, at the Romford’s Liberty Shopping Centre followed by their first hair clinic on Sunday 5th May at the Wood Barbers And Hair Saloon in Snakes Lane Woodford Essex. To learn more about the Start-Up Loans, to register or to apply for a loan visit: