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WomanInTheJungle was recently given the opportunity to feature Hairfinity’s co-founder Tymeka Lawrence. I pounced at the chance to interview the lady behind the brand, one of the leading hair growth supplement brands in the world. Tymeka ‘Tai’ Lawrence and her husband, Brock Lawrence established Brock Beauty Inc. in 2004, when they spotted a gap in the hair and cosmetic industry. Under the parent company Brock Beauty, they created HAIRFINITY®. Hairfinity supplement encourages fast and healthy new hair growth and has become a brand known all over the world. Tymeka discovered it was very difficult to find products that contained both safe and effective ingredients, and committed Brock Beauty to utilising nature as the source of nurture for hair and skin health. Tymeka answered a few questions about her business and how she got started. Check out what she had to share below.

Hairfinity founder TYMEKA LAWRENCE

WomanInTheJungle: What made you want to start your own business?
Tymeka Lawrence: I’ve always been a business minded person. I always knew I wanted to own my own business. I did not see anything wrong with other career paths, I just knew what I wanted to do long term. However, I also knew that I needed an education. So, I had a plan to go to college, get a job, work for 5 years and start my own business. I was able to leave my job after working for only 4 years, so I actually beat my goal.

WomanInTheJungle What actually triggered you to get started?
Tymeka Lawrence: When I started Brock Beauty, I was pursuing several business ventures with my husband. I was actually doing the hair care research for myself. I did not think of it as a business idea at first. I had a problem, I looked for a problem, and then I found other women who had the same problem. I am naturally a problem solver, so I started putting out information about healthy hair techniques.

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