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Battle of the boxes | GLOWWBOX our thoughts

Battle of the boxes | GLOWWBOX our thoughts

Late August early September saw the launch of BeBox & GlowwBox, two highly anticipated beauty subscription boxed targeted to woman of colour based in the UK & Europe. We manages to get our hands on the launch boxes and here is what they had to offer;


What GLOWWBOX says  “GlowwBox is the UK’s new luxurious brown beauty experience, where each month you will receive a gorgeous box packed full of 5 beauty goodies suitable for women of colour, delivered direct to your door.  Whether you’re on the look out for a specific little beauty something, want to discover something new or just want to treat yourself to a bit of monthly beauty luxury…  Join us today for a new, luxurious way to experience beauty for women of colour!”

What to expect: The GlowwBox launched mid September with three subscription options for customers to chose from. Subscription options include; 1 Month (£15 + £3.95 p&p) rolling subscription that can be terminated at any time. Option two is a 6 Months (£75 + £3.95 p&p per month) subscription with a one off payment upfront, customer receives 1 box free with this subscription. The third subscription option offered by GLOWWBOX is 12 months (£150 + £3.95 p&p per month) with a upfront payment and this subscription option customers receive 2 boxes free.

Packaging: The GlowwBox is quite a large matte box with a slate grey lid and white base. It is always great to see a large subscription box as you almost know you will be receiving full size products at some point in the life of the box (Well, wishful thinking). The content is neatly wrapped in a fuchsia pink tissue paper sealed with a sticker featuring the GLOWWBOX logo. Content was placed on a bed of grey shredded paper giving the entire box an extremely professional, luxurious feel. We loved that there was a professional printed note from the founder (Jason Camron) included in the box as it is alway nice to hear from the powers behind any service. All the items that were presented in the box, including their prices and were to purchase were listed on back of a postcard size leaflet. Added was also a business card from the founder with contact details to easily reach the team.

Gloww box Packaging

Content: The GlowwBox Launch box included the following; 1. Bomb Cosmetics, Cute as Cupcake Bath Creamer 30g full size (£2.09) 2. AKOMA Shea Million & Spatula 50ml full size (£14.91) 3. NYX COSMETICS Round Lip Gloss in Kiss 2.5ml full size (£3.00) 4. MEHRONVelvet Finish Primer Serum 1oz full size (£18.28) 5. ROOT2TIP Scalp Hydration Serum 50ml full size (£8.99). All products received in the September box were full size products =  £47.27

Gloww Box content

Initial impression: We were pleasantly surprised when we received the box as to how professional it actually was, we have had one or two boxes in the past that we can not really say the same for.  The first thing that hit us upon opening the outside packaging was the sweet smell of one or the combination of products in the box, we later discovered it was the  BOMB COSMETICS Cute as Cupcake Bath Creamer. The September box provided five full size products from both well known bands (Root2Tip, NYX & Akoma) and a few brands that we had never heard of (BOMB COSMETICS & Mahron). There was a healthy mix of skincare, haircare and makeup related items,  that we are both excited and intrigued to used. Although beautifully  packaged, we were a little disappointed to see a tin of raw Shea Butter (AKOMA – RAW SHEA MILLION). The disappointment though was more our own personal hang ups/dislike of Shea Butter, plus Shea Butter is Shea Butter right? Once you have used it, you have used it, regardless of how it is packaged by different companies. We did wonder if the lipgloss provided was given in different shades or just the one that we received, an autumnal shade would have been great for the looming Fall season.  The launch GlowwBox did a great job of feeding our senses and we went away feeling every excited about the service we had just unpackaged.

September GlowwBox content

Post sampling (Product attainability): One of the major reasons for these subscription boxes is to introduce customers to knew products on the market. With that in mind, if you trial and like a product it is important that you are able to easily repurchase the product if you decide to do so, at least we believe it is. All products that where featured in the September box are readily available to UK residence. Links to where to purchase products in the September box are listed on the card provided in the box and also direct links to purchase are listed on the GlowwBox site.

Final Thoughts: GlowwBox we think is a box that has launched with a big bang. There has been a lot of attention paid to not just the products included in the box, but also details such as neat & presentable presentation of wrapping of the content, the inclusion of packing paper within the box to protect products are all things that would be noted by a new customer. We loved that GlowwBox came with a card that told us what is in our box and offered a note from the founder which made it feel more personal. We would love to see GlowwBox in the future offer varying shades in makeup products that may be based on the skin tone of the customer purchasing the box (through questionnaire when placing subscription order). We would also love to see more products that are specifically geared MORE to women of colour, more indie makeup brands possibly? Other than that we are really excited about the content of future GlowwBox boxes and feel this is a real contender in the competitive beauty box market. We would say the GlowwBox is definitely a luxury beauty box at just £15 + £3.95 p&p (Total monthly cost £18.95), we think it is well worth the mulla. Pay a little extra to receive more full size products that we can more effectively trial? We co-sign. The October GlowwBox is now on sale with free shipping for the month of October and can be purchased directly from

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Which box are you more excited to see more from GlowwBox or BeBox and are you subscribe to either? 

Review Overview

Overall GLOWWBOX experience


A beauty subscription service that we would definitely recommend for the beauty lovers out they that are looking for a monthly selection of quality products to unwrap. Although geared to women of colour, we do not feel the box is limited to this as there are products included that ALL women can enjoy.