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Natural Hair Feature | Jungle Spotlight with Cynthia of

Natural Hair Feature | Jungle Spotlight with Cynthia of

Hey Everyone! I’m Cynthia, a born and raised Abidjaner (Côte d’Ivoire), Parisian at heart and now living in Stavanger, Norway. I’ll be 30 in a couple of days, and I’m currently in charge of Marketing for a fine team of Oil technology enthusiasts. I’m a blessed wife and mother of a 3 years old girl. I am a free spirit, lover of words, blogger, music stan, food lover, fashion supporter and lipstick aficionada.


WITJ – When and why did you decide to go back to your natural tresses?
C went back to my natural hair about 2 years ago. My hair had suffered severe breakage due to post partum hormonal changes and obvious bad treatments and I got very curious about the growing natural hair movement in the french blogosphere. I first asked my sister to cut half the length, in an attempt to transition, but 3 months later my husband took the scissors and finished the job.

WITJ – Has your natural hair always been well received by people around you?
C – I believe so. Truth is, I never really gave it much thought. By the time I made the decision to stop relaxing, it did not really matter that much. People were very surprised about finally seeing my own hair and I guess curious to see that face coming out, but it was only positive. Plus, I have always “experimented” a lot with my hair, so I’m sure the novelty didn’t bother anyone.


WITJ –  How would you describe your natural texture?
C – According to the common classification, I’m a 4C. I’m more of a 4K I feel, as I have extremely dry and fine hair. But once I moisturized I get those unbeatable little kinks that make it all worth the wait!

WITJ – Could we have a brief break down of what your hair regimen consists of?
C – Right now, I am on a low care regimen. I cowash once a week, rub my scalp with Secrets de Loly Fortifying hair serum and voila! Since I’m in a sew in, I daily spritz with a mix of water and Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner, it smells amazing. I recently got the Huetiful hair steamer which I hope will help with my moisture issues.


WITJ – Have you had any hair set backs and what most frustrates you about you hair and why?
C – I’m in a constant battle with my hair, but at the same time, I am discovering a lot more about them than I knew 2 years ago. I treated my hair terribly (repetitive weaving, unsupervised relaxing and great lack of care) for more than 10 years which left me with a very sensitive scalp, thinning edges, and a 2 euro wide balding patch in the mid of my hair. I haven’t totally reversed those effects in two years, but I’m glad I’m finally working the case. I was mistaken to think that I was going to get a huge fro just like all the super naturals youtubers in no time. And I really started stressing about length instead of concentrating on my hair’s health, which of course created some unnecessary frustration. I’m a bit off the wagon now, but I think that a good trim will set all things straight, I just need to get my hands on a great barber.


WITJ –  What do you love about your hair and would you ever go back to relaxing?
C – I love that it is mine, that it’s playful and fierce. I see it as a part of myself that I embraced and unveiled, and for others, I assume it is something they get to learn. I find it important for my 3 year old for instance to know that “we” have kinky hair, and even more so since she’s growing up in a country with not so many nappy babies going around. She knows I use wigs or extensions as one would do with a hat or so, but we are brown girls with curly hair. Me with ant -like tiny coils that “like to hide” as she says, and her with a big and beautiful crown. When it comes to going back to relaxing, I kind of doubt it. I have discovered the power of a good flat iron, so I don’t see that happening. Not in a near future anyway.

WITJ –  What are your go to styles?
C – The box is definitely my favorite twa style, but since my hair got too long for that, I’ve been waiting for my next move and wearing braids, curly weaves or my beloved Finger Comber Unit. I have a thing for big unruly crowns, so this wig is my personal temporary hair heaven. The everlasting autumn/winter in Stavanger having stolen any life out of my hair, I’m looking forward to the warmer season to wear and pamper my coils a bit more.



WITJ – Do you have any hair goal, if so, what are these?
C – Not turning bald by 40 is my absolute must reach. Hahaha. Other than that, I’d love to crack the moisture code!

WITJ –  What advise would you give someone contemplating going natural?
C – Ain’t nothing wrong with a little more you, let the world see those kinks ;) but please, keep in mind that this is a “by you for you” thing ! The movement is a good impulse, but it shouldn’t become a government.



WITJ – If you were stranded in the Amazonian rainforest which one product could you not live without and why?
C – Unrefined coconut oil it would be! Lovely smell and great head to toe product!

Where can we find you? Blog –  | Twitter @verycynthia (where I’m never) | and on Instagram @verycynthia

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