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I recently contacted Fatou N’Diaye the creator of the French beauty & natural hair  blog ‘Black Beauty Bag’ regarding an interview and was so excited when she obliged…  After checking in on her blog regularly, I was very inspired to start up my own text based  blog back in May, introducing more beauty related content to my viewers.  Fatou is a trendsetter that is not scared to have fun with her style and I thought you all would love her just as much as I do.


Intro:-  Fatou N’Diaye – Hello, my name is Fatou N’Diaye. I am 35 years old, I’m a native Parisian , I’m half Nigerian from my mother and Malian and Senegalese by my father. I am a proud mother of a little angel boy of 10 years soon 11 in one month and I work as; a  beauty blogger, my blog is, a blog dedicated to the beauty of black women all around the world and I’m also the beauty editor of Ghubar Magazine.

WITJ – When and why did you decide to go back natural?
F – I’ve been natural since the 5th of April 2006. I decided to try this adventure after looking at all the websites and blogs dedicated to natural hair. To see those beautiful pictures of black women wearing their natural hair was ‘like oooh my God!!’ I can do the same with mine so let’s go for it and try!!

Ever since then I love my natural hair.

WITJ – Did you Big Chop or transition and why did you make that choice.
F– I tried to transitionning for one month, but it was so difficult for me to manage my relaxed hair and natural, so I did the big chop.

WITJ –  You have a very successful beauty and natural hair blog in France, which I visit frequently. Have you seen a big change in France of black women wanting to go natural over the last couple of years on? What are your thoughts on this?
F – Thank you, I’m glad that you’re one of my readers.

In fact yes!! I’ve seen the BIG changing among the years. They’re more confident about their beauty and hair. They know they have the choice to keep their natural hair without relaxing it. We have to thank Vloggers and bloggers, black women who show women that they can be black and wear their natural hair and wear red or pink lipstick!!

WITJ –  What are three questions you are frequently asks from women about their natural hair and what are your answers to theses?
F – Ohh it’s funny, because it’s always the same questions like: When will their hair grow? What kind of products to buy ? and how many times shampoo per week?

I tell them to be PATIENT!! Never rush, just because your friend’s hair is growing fast doesn’t mean your’s will too. We are different and don’t have the same genetics. But the most important thing is not to have long hair but heathly hair. Hair is like a  flower, the more love and water you give to them, the more beautiful they are. For the products, I tell them to try and see, because sometimes what works for one don’t works for other. But natural hair loves water and natural oils, no greasy oils. For the shampoo, in my case, I shampoo every 10 days, because my hair doesn’t like shampoo every weeks. But as every black women will know that we have very dry scalp, unlike caucasian woman who produce more sebum. So the best is one shampoo per week.

WITJ –  Could we have a brief break down of what your hair regimen consists of?
F – Yes of course, like I said in the last question our hair is frizzy and dry hair by nature, like a plant, it needs a lot of water. To keep my hair, I hydrate with a water source and a little olive oil added to a vaporizer.I do braids every night (vanilla braids, natural braids, etc. ..) Detangling  is the key to keep your beautiful and heavenly hair. The bath oils and masks at least once a week. Essential tip I wear a silk or satin scarf with which I protect my head every night to prevent the absorption of Care Products by our sheets, sweating. I’m a huge fan of Shea Moistures brand product, les Secrets de Loly ( a french brand product for natural hair) made home.

WITJ –  What most frustrates you about your natural hair and why?
F – Lmao, the most frustrating are the questions: Is it your real hair? or Have you got white blood because you have a lot of hair?

It’s like because you’re a black woman and especially an african woman, you can’t have long or big hair.

WITJ –  What do you love a bout your hair and would you ever go back to relaxing?
F – I love the way I can change the texture with a braid out or twist out. Sometimes I straighten it, I can do everything with it! And I can say I will never go back to relaxing.

WITJ – Do you have any hair goal, if so, what are these?
F – No, I don’t have any, this is a trend about a lot of girls the hair challenge, length.. I’m not in this, If I want to cut it; I cut it like I did 2 months ago. My only goal is to keep my hair shiny and alive!! For me beautiful hair is vibrant, like they dance on your head. I’ll said oftenly to my readers, never been obsessed or have a goal for hair, because most of time your hair is not made to be longer. Let them make their life!

WITJ –  Style or length?
F – Style of course!!!

WITJ – Can you describe your cut and why you opted for the style.
F– I opted for my actually hair cut and style because it’s easy to manage, when my hair was more longer and big, my fro fell! And for me a beautiful fro is like a cloud on your head, so that’s why I cut it off.

WITJ – Could you please describe what you do to style your tresses
F – To style my tresses, I just take some pins or elastics. I love to do buns or Janelle Monae style

WITJ – What’s your favourite way to accessorise your hair?
F– My favorite accessories are hats

WITJ – What advise would you give someone contemplating going natural?
F –  I would say, starting a natural hair journey is a lot of work at the beginning, but To be patient and to be sure of her choice.

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