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Editor’s Blog | Monday’s Mani – In a Neutral Mood

Editor’s Blog | Monday’s Mani – In a Neutral Mood

It’s that time of the week again for a polish change and I am in a very neutral mood currently. Not quit in summer colour selection mode, but instead I guess still transitioning out of winter. The weather hasn’t yet been consistently nice enough for my normally bright Spring/Summer nails, so for now we do different ranges of beige. Yes, the weather does determine what nail colours I am in the mood for, does it for you?

IMG_20140512_143536I normally just paint my nails myself, but actually went to a nail salon to have them done this week. Of course I brought my own polish so I was sure to get exactly what I wanted. Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint by BarryM in the colour Lychee was the lacquer of choice.


At the last minute, literally my nails were under the dryer, I decided to add an accent nail on my ring ringers. Colours used were salon’s own and were in the colours Sonsora sunset by O.P.I (base colour) and Taupe it off with Sparkle by Presicion (glitter) 20140512_14013220140512_14010320140512_140046After completing the service, I kind of wish I just kept them all in the colour Lychee (being indecisive one of the reasons I paint my nails myself) and will prob change it tomorrow. Such is my life ;-)

What nail polish colour are you currently wearing?