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Lupita N'yongo New Lancome brand ambassadress

Lupita N'yongo New Lancome brand ambassadress

Brown girls are WINNING! Lupita N’yongo announced as the newest face of Lancome, joining the rosta along side the likes of Kate Winslet and Julia Roberts.


In a statement released by Lancome the Mexican born Kenyan actress expressed “I am truly honored to join the Maison Lancôme, a brand with such a prestigious history that I have always loved. I am particularly proud to represent its unique vision for women and the idea that beauty should not be dictated, but should instead be an expression of a woman’s freedom to be herself,”

Lupita on Lancome the brand “What appealed to me about Lancôme is that they’re not dictating what beauty is,” She added “What they do supports something that already is — and that’ was appealing to me, too. It’s what drew me to them. Hopefully it’s a symbiotic relationship — that I benefit from being associated with them, and they benefit from being associated with me, as well. And for the consumer at large, I think Lancôme has a range of products for every woman, and I think having me will expand people’s understanding of, hopefully, what Lancôme stands for, who Lancôme is for.”

Lancome continued: “The Mexican-born, Kenyan actress is an outstanding example of a natural beauty. Confident and simply true to herself, she embraces life with freshness, citing happiness as the most attractive form of radiance. Françoise Lehmann, General Manager of Lancôme International chimed “Both talented and committed, true to her African beauty, and showing a great curiosity and open-mindedness in her career choices, Lupita is by essence the Lancôme woman…. A strikingly beautiful and intelligent woman, serenely but strongly living her life her own way, Lupita has this special kind of aura both enlightening and deep.”  

Xavier Vey, President of Lancôme USA added, “Lupita’s authentic inner and outer beauty, her exquisite grace, and true confidence represent today’s modern woman.  Having Lupita as a Lancôme ambassadress will help support our mission in the U.S. market which is to speak to all women.  Her rising star status is like a blooming rose; she is elegant and has an undeniable brilliance.”  

*Text by LancomePR

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