You asked: Is there a mascara that is good for your eyelashes?

Can mascara help eyelashes grow?

You may have read that mascara dries lashes, and as a result, it inhibits lash growth. That’s simply not true.

Is mascara made out of bat poop?

‘ The answer, thankfully, is a resounding ‘no. ‘ Bat poop is not currently used in any area of the beauty industry. Mascara is one of many cosmetic products that contain a colorant called guanine. This crystalline material is found in bat poop, but the stuff used in mascara is actually derived from fish scales.

How can I grow my eyelashes naturally?

Olive oil with or without lemon: Apply a small amount of olive oil with or without lemon peel infused in it on the eyelashes at night before bed and wash it off in the morning. Castor oil: Apply a small amount of castor oil on the eyelashes each night before bed and wash it off in the morning.

Should you give your eyelashes a break from mascara?

It’s also more difficult to remove waterproof mascara, and many of us are especially aggressive when trying to get it off. A study in 2013 reported a correlation between the use of waterproof mascara and eyelash fallout, so basically, try to give yourself a break from using waterproof mascara every single day.

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