You asked: Is Contact Solution bad for eyelash extensions?

Yes! Eyelash extensions are typically safe to wear with contact lenses. … Most clients have no issues or irritations wearing eyelash extensions with contacts after and during the service. If you tend to fall asleep during your service or have sensitive eyes, it is recommended to remove your contacts during the service.

Can you use contact solution to clean eyelash extensions?

Yup, like salty, contact lens solution saline. Now a lot of people out there think that saline is BAD for lashes because it’s got salt in it. We have this misconception that salt is super grainy and can cause problems with adhesive. … In fact, it’s actually BETTER to wash with saline than to wash with water.

Can you use saline solution for eyelash extensions?

Pretreat with a saline solution to prime the lashes before applying the extensions. The saline solution will strip off any oils, debri and protiens, allowing a healthy, tighter bond between cyanoacrylate and substrate (natural lash).

How long after lash extensions can I wear contacts?

You can not get your lashes wet for the first 24-48 hours after they are applied so try to shower before to avoid this. Do not wear contacts during your eyelash extension appointment. The glue is fumey and if fumes get trapped under your contacts it can cause a bit of discomfort during your appointment.

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Can I use micellar water to clean my lash extensions?

We totally recommend Garnier’s Micellar Water and for wipes, Simple is a sure winner also. Give your lashes the TLC they need by washing them gently with shampoo a few times a week. Again, this is to break down the oils that could potentially cause your lashes to detach from the lid by interfering with the glue.

Do eye drops make lash extensions fall out?

Be Weary of Eye Drops

The use of eye drops immediately after lash application can interfere with a complete bond of the lash extension. The excessive moisture does not allow the glue to dry properly.

Can I open my eyes during eyelash extensions?

During the treatment: Do not open your eyes.

It is super important that you keep your eyes closed throughout the whole treatment, or the glue won’t be able to dry properly.

Can I get lash extensions if I have sensitive eyes?

Do Lash Extensions Irritate Sensitive Eyes? A good lash professional will adhere your extensions to your natural lash without letting the glue touch your eye or eyelid. This application process makes eyelash extensions more comfortable for people with mild sensitivities since no glue will touch your skin.

Can I wear contacts to my eyelash extension appointment?

Remove your contacts.

your eyes will be closed during the application of your eyelash extensions, to avoid any discomfort, it is always suggested that contacts are removed allowing eyes to be comfortable in a natural and rested state.

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