Quick Answer: Where can I buy magnetic eyeliner and lashes?

Can you buy magnetic lashes in stores?

Where to Buy Magnetic Eyelashes. You can pick up Ardell’s magnetic eyelashes at stores like Target, Walmart, and other stores. One Two Cosmetics’ eyelashes are available at HSN.

Can you use magnetic eyeliner with any lashes?

If you have a magnetic eyeliner, it can be used with magnetic eyelashes or on its own. You can also use any magnetic eyeliner brand with another brand of magnetic eyelashes. Although, most brands recommend that you use both their own lashes and eyeliner.

Can I get magnetic eyelashes at Walmart?

Ardell Double Wispie Magnetic False EyelashesWalmart.com – Walmart.com.

Do magnetic lashes stay on all day?

They will actually last for as long as you take care of them as there is no glue to clump up on the lash band, contorting and messing up the lash, which makes normal lashes unusable after a few uses. The lash and eyeliner hold up to 10 hours (essentially, the entire day).

How do you get magnetic eyeliner to stay on?

A minimum of two thin coats of the eyeliner must be applied (hooded eyes may require three coats) Place lashes onto the last coat of magnetic eyeliner while it’s tacky but NOT wet (after approx 20-30 seconds) When positioned, press eyelashes down firmly in place.

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What can I use to take off magnetic eyeliner?

You can also use any oil based makeup remover to take off your magnetic eyeliner. Just simply remove it with a napkin or tissue that has your preferred makeup remover on it.

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