Question: What is the best humidity for lash extensions?

Your eyelash extension adhesive (glue) relies on moisture in the air to work properly—it needs moisture to attach. Simultaneously, your adhesive releases particles into the air in the form of fumes that are attracted to moisture.

Does humidity ruin eyelash extensions?

Humidity Can Affect Lash Extensions

That’s because extreme humidity can cause the adhesive holding your extensions perfectly in place to weaken. When this happens, the adhesive can become brittle and/or cause a clumpy lash line (again, not a pretty!).

How do I increase the humidity in my eyelash extensions?

Use a humidifier: A humidifier is the best way to add more water vapor to your air and bring the lash studio humidity up to 45-60%.

What should the temperature and humidity be for eyelash extensions?

Humidity and how to deal with it

When applying eyelash extensions your room temperature should be between 16 and 24°C and your humidity should be between 40 and 70%. To monitor your humidity levels we recommend you use a hygrometer which measures the humidity and moisture in your treatment room.

Can heat ruin eyelash extensions?

Not only can your lashes get singed, but extreme heat can also cause synthetic lash extensions to melt, which can make your lashes appear clumpy when they cool back down. What a mess! Steer clear of high heat to avoid losing that beautiful shape you and your stylist have worked so hard to perfect.

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How can I lower the humidity in my eyelashes?

Place a large open box of kitty litter in your room (maybe under your bed so it’s out of sight). The ones which are silica based work the best. – Baking Soda – is a natural odor and moisture absorber. You could place some on a plate or dish around your room or near your lash station & bed.

Why do my clients have bad lash retention?

There are many factors which can cause retention issues, however, most of the time, retention issues are caused by clients not properly caring for their extensions in between lash fills. It is very important to go over after care with your client after each visit; this includes returning clients.

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