How long does bottom lash extensions last?

How long do they last? With proper aftercare and lash cleansing, bottom lash extensions can last for up to 2 weeks (14 days) if the client uses an aftercare kit daily (or at the very least, a well-formulated lash shampoo). When clients shed tears or rub their eyes, bottom lashes tend to be the ones that go first.

Do people get eyelash extensions for their bottoms lashes?

Yes! We do bottom lash extensions. … Extensions on those bottom bad boys help balance out and compliment the look of the dramatic top lashes. However, lower lash extensions aren’t always offered to clients to enhance their lash look, because it’s considered an advanced practice.

What are bottom lash extensions?

Bottom lash extensions are applied in the same manner as upper lash extensions. The lash artist puts a drop of adhesive on the extension and places it on your eyelash using tweezers. Once all the lashes are in place, they will feel just like your natural lashes, except longer.

Do lash extensions go on top or bottom?

The artificial eyelash extension is dipped in the medical grade adhesive then positioned on top of the natural eyelash. This process is repeated for up to 2 hours until the desired fullness of lashes is received.

How much should lash extensions cost?

How much do eyelash extensions cost? Lash extensions range in cost, depending on the type of material used. But generally, an initial full-set lash application will cost somewhere between $150-$200. Monthly maintenance and refills, however, will run anywhere from $55-$65 per session.

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What should I charge for lash extensions?

Remember that the industry average is somewhere between $81-$120 for a full set of lash extensions. I personally recommend that my students charge between $65-$79 for a full set, until they can reach an hour-and-a-half for an application.

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