How do you apply primer before eyelash extensions?

Hold cotton pad underneath lashes to catch excess primer. Squeeze one drop of primer onto a micro swab for each eye. Brush primer on lashes– drying time is approximately 2 seconds. Dry the lashes thoroughly before applying eyelash extensions.

How do you apply primer to eyelash extensions?

Apply a small amount of eyelash extension primer on two disposable microfiber brushes for eyelash extensions. Place one brush beneath the lashes and the other on top. Gently glide the lash extension primer on the eyelashes, cleansing each lash thoroughly.

Should I use primer before lash extensions?

There’s no denying that you should always prime your clients’ eyelashes before applying any classic or volume eyelash extensions. … The primer strips natural lashes of oils and residue. It provides a clean slate that has the optimal pH for bonding the lash extensions.

Does eyelash primer really make a difference?

It’s just as much — if not more — about whether or not you’re using an eyelash primer. Yes, those weird white mascara tubes you see at the drugstore actually do something worthwhile. Eyelash primer gives your lashes an extra boost of volume — in other words, thicker, fuller lashes.

What is a lash primer for?

By prepping your lashes with primer, you’re coating even the tiniest of lashes with keratin, which helps create a bold, full look once you apply your mascara over the top. It also serves to keep your lashes from clumping together and will lengthen and volumize them. … Thicken your lashes to give them a voluminous look.

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How long does lash primer last?

Lash Primer contains alcohol, which makes it to last up to 3 years unopened, use within 12 months once opened.

What can I use instead of lash primer?

I’ve even used baby powder. They all work just fine, but I prefer using the HD loose powder because it isn’t as thick and doesn’t clog your mascara wand like the others can with overuse.

Do you let eyelash primer dry?

Do not let last primer dry before putting on mascara! Coat all of your lashes sweeping from side to side to make sure, over and under ensuring every lash is fully covered. Quickly grab your mascara and coat that all over being sure to cover the white lash primer.

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