How do you apply magnetic eyelashes easily?

Is there a trick to putting on magnetic eyelashes?

Take the end tip of your Silk Magnetic Eyelashes with tweezers or fingers, place it above your real eyelashes, make the magnets connect together slowly with the eyeliner line before it has dried. If the eyeliner has dried just add more.

How long do magnetic lashes stay on?

They will actually last for as long as you take care of them as there is no glue to clump up on the lash band, contorting and messing up the lash, which makes normal lashes unusable after a few uses. The lash and eyeliner hold up to 10 hours (essentially, the entire day).

Can you wear magnetic lashes through airport security?

As different airline companies have different rules, it’s not suggested to wear the magnetic eyelashes to go through airport security.

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