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Junglette Spotlight – Ezi Mgbeahuruike

Junglette Spotlight – Ezi Mgbeahuruike
Wunmi Akinlagun - Editor

My name is Ezinne Mgbeahuruike. Minnesota resident, nigeria native(igbo kwenu!) . I am studying Communications with an emphasis on electronic media and minor in mass com at the university of minnesota. I enjoy writing, broadcasting. i am currently interning at the tv station here in minneapolis…thats been exciting. 21 years old turning 22 soon whoop whoop haha. i love fashion, people and life.

full body

full length

WITJWhen and why did you decide to go back to your natural tresses?
EziI decided to be natural because it was bound to happen. The hairstyle i had was a mohawk, so i figured why not cut off all my hair and start over. To my advantage it looked good! I went natural about 2 years ago (been cutting it on and off though)

WITJ – Has your natural hair always been well received by people around you?
EziYes! everyone LOVED it and they thought i looked best natural. Who woulda thought right?! lol

WITJ – How would you describe your natural texture?
Ezi Texture is beautiful, i love it. Its not the softest but its soft and tight coiled.

WITJ –  Could we have a brief break down of what your hair regimen consists of?
EziMy regimen consists of the simplest things. So i moisturize daily with water and olive oil. i co-wash one a week shea moisture coconut. I shampoo once a month(Shea Moisture products). To get nice curls i just run my hands through my hair in a circular motion and my curls just POP. its great!

black dress


WITJ –  Have you had any hair set backs and what most frustrates you about you hair and why?
EziWhen i first cut my hair i didnt know how to wear it nor did i have the confidence. I saw other people’s hair and textures and i thought, “i hate my hair or why cant mine be like that” But as it grew, my texture started to show and then the confidence came. I really started feeling my hair when i saw that it was MINE and I still LOOKED BEAUTIFUL. I think since ive been rocking weave for so long i forgot what it felt like to look like ME. I started to embrace it and did some research on natural hair until I got the hang of it.

WI TJ –  What do you love about your hair and would you ever go back to relaxing?
EziNever, I would never go back to relaxing, I love my texture. I feel like i lost BEST in natural hair. I look like me, I look and feel authentic!


WITJ –  Do you have any hair goal, if so, what are these?
Ezihmmm i dont think i do because i cut my hair too much. i would like to have a nice big shape to my hair when it grows out but otherwise..ehhh im just going to go with the flow.

WITJ –  Style or length?
EziStyle! I want a high top….or have it shaped into one

WITJ – Can you describe your cut and why you opted for the style
Ezi – My cut is pretty simple and straight forward because i didnt want to get creative just yet.

WITJ – What’s your favourite way to accessorise your hair?
EziFavorite way is probably to do a wash and go. My curls are really defined and its cute.


WITJ –  I have see some amazing images of you floating around the natural hair community and I would love to know if having natural hair has in anyway stopped you from booking modeling jobs.

EziNo, absolutely not. I am confident with who i am as a person and my hair comes with that. Nothing will ever stop me from pursuing a career in modeling if thats ever the case. im planning on being a broadcaster and please believe, i will be rocking my natural hair on tv!!! Black people should be confident in them and the hair is part of it.

black and white

WITJWhat advise would you give someone contemplating going natural and pursue a career in modeling?
Ezi DO IT. You are who you are for reason. People love authenticity and if they don’t like your natural hair but like everything else then they truly don’t love you. Black hair is the root of our culture and who we are as people. i feel like often times we put weave in our hair because we want to be like white people because thats basically the symbolism of weave. (straight white hair) i think we should all embrace the way we are as a people, as black people. Nothing is wrong with our nappy roots, it makes us US.


– Where can we find you?
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Ezi is just the cutest right?