Your question: What Colour can you put on bleached hair?

If your bleached hair is weak and brittle, it’s best to use a semi-permanent dye because it doesn’t contain ammonia and doesn’t need a developer for its application. If you are going for a non-traditional color, like blue or red, the widest range of colors can be found in fantasy hair dyes or semi-permanent dyes.

Can bleached hair be colored?

After you have bleached your hair, you need to decide which color you want to have. … Your hair is now ready to take on color, and will often take color much more quickly and deeply than if you hadn’t bleached your hair. You might choose to dye your hair a natural color, such as shades of brown, black, red or blond.

What color can cover bleached hair?

First, choose your shade. Tip: If your bleached shade is warm, shimmering and yellowish, then a warm tone (golden blond, golden brown, chestnut or chocolate) is ideal for you. If your bleached color is a cool blond, then a toner in a cool shade will suit you.

Does coloring over bleached hair damage it?

Yes you can dye bleached hair. Make sure the porosity in your bleached hair is even or you will get darker and lighter spots. We do that by applying temporary color first. Whatever color you desire to be, find the same color in a temporary color.

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Can you darken bleached hair?

Since your hair has already been bleached, you can pick any color you like. If you’re set on darkening your hair, you could choose a medium chocolate brown 5, a brown 4 or a dark brown 3. I wouldn’t recommend going any darker than that, in case you want to lighten your hair again eventually.

Why is my bleached hair not taking color?

The simple answer to why over-bleached hair doesn’t hold color is that the bleaching process removed too much of the pigment and protein inside the hair, basically making it like swiss cheese.

What is the best toner for bleached hair?

Best Overall: IGK Mixed Feelings Leave-In Blonde Toning Drops. These drops win the game when it comes to both versatility and ease of use. All you have to do is mix the violet drops in with any shampoo, conditioner, or cream styler. (FYI, you’ll see that a lot of these products are purple.

How can I darken my blonde hair without dying it?

8 Natural Ingredients That Can Darken Hair

  1. Coffee.
  2. Black tea.
  3. Black Walnuts.
  4. Cocoa.
  5. Mustard seed oil.
  6. Sage.
  7. Amla powder.
  8. Henna.

What do you do if you don’t like bleached hair?

What To Do When You Don’t Like Your Hair Color

  1. Wait. Seriously. …
  2. Wash Your Hair. Dye job too dark? …
  3. Use Dish Soap. Dawn Dish Soap, $10, Amazon. …
  4. Use A Purple Shampoo. TIGI Bed Head, $23, Amazon. …
  5. Switch Your Hair Part. If your highlights feel too heavy, switch up your hair part. …
  6. Go Back To The Salon.
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