You asked: Can hair be virgin again?

Simply put, virgin hair is untouched hair, like what we start out on this world with. … Once you have processed or color-treated hair, it can never go back to being virgin. That’s right, once you’ve dyed your hair, even just once, you lose your virgin strands forever.

What counts as virgin hair?

Virgin hair is human hair that is unprocessed and unaltered. It has not been dyed, permed, bleached, or treated with any chemicals. … You can also find dyed virgin hair, which means the hair was colored for the very first time during or after collection when the hair was healthiest.

Is undyed hair healthy?

Virgin hair is shinier

An open follicle on the hair shaft is prone to damage — from exterior elements like the sun.” Healthy, virgin hair tends to be smoother and reflects more light.

How long does virgin hair last?

How Long Does Virgin Human Hair Last? It can last up to 1 year if proper maintenance.

What is virgin unprocessed hair?

Unprocessed Hair Meaning

Unprocessed hair is human hair that has NEVER been chemically processed, this means over the life of the hair it’s never been dyed, coloured, or bleached. As a result, unprocessed hair is incredibly healthy and is used to manufacture stunning quality hair extensions.

How do I take care of my virgin hair?


  1. Important NOTE: Conditioner only wash is recommended at least once a week.
  2. Do not massage the hair.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.
  4. Apply a moisture conditioner and comb hair, starting with the ends working your way up to your scalp.
  5. Rinse thoroughly.
  6. Let air-dry.
  7. For extra wave, hair can be set in rollers.
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