Will toner fix patchy hair?

Toner doesn’t work on areas that you missed during the bleaching process; it only works on spots that received the bleach but just didn’t come out the right tone. So, if your natural (or pre-bleach) hair color is showing through anywhere, you’ll need to first spot-treat those sections with a bleach treatment.

How do I fix patchy uneven bleached hair?

How to Fix Uneven Bleached Hair – 4 Best Methods

  1. Apply a darker hair dye to cover it up. This is a popular process for fixing uneven bleached hair. …
  2. Wait for few weeks and reapply your bleach. Recommended Product: …
  3. Utilize toning shampoos to fix the problematic shades. …
  4. Use targeted bleach applications for the missed spots.

Can you fix patchy hair?

Starting with an uneven hair base will cause your end results to be patchy and uneven. The best way to fix this is to redye your hair, but with one shade darker. … You will need to drop down to a level 6 blonde and dye your hair. The darker dye should cover up the patches that appeared lighter.

How do I fix patchy brassy hair?

Wash orange- or brass-colored hair with blue shampoo and conditioner. Blue is opposite orange on the color spectrum, which is why it’ll work to neutralize those warm tones in your hair. Wash with these special products 2-3 times a week.

Why is my hair patchy?

Farewell to Unevenly Coloured Hair. Several reasons may cause your hair to take up colour unevenly. You may have applied the colouring agent improperly, residual pigments in your hair may skew the resulting hair colour, traces of styling products were still in your hair or your hair structure is uneven.

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