Why is beard hair so wiry?

Beard hair is wiry because it tends to be curly, it has a thick shaft that is oval in cross-section, and it also is easy to become tangled. The nature of beard hair means that it can dry out very quickly which will add to the three properties that make it so wiry.

Why is white beard hair so coarse?

Melanin provides an elastic quality and texture in the hair. So, when your hair greys and they no longer contain sufficient melanin, they tend to be straight and coarse.

Does a grey beard make you look older?

Having a beard has been scientifically proven to make you look older. A study which was published in 2013 finds that men with beards can look up to 8 years older than men without beards. The longer the beard, the older they looked. Other studies have shown that celebrities with beards look up to 10 years older.

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