What is the best toner to get platinum blonde hair?

What toner should I use to get platinum blonde hair?

If you’re trying to cancel out orange tones to achieve a dark, ashy blonde or light brown, a blue toner is your best bet. Going for a platinum or silvery blonde? Use a violet-based toner to remove yellow undertones.

How do you keep platinum hair white?

If purple shampoo alone isn’t cutting it, there are a few at-home hair care products that help tone down brassiness between salon visits. Try: IGK Mixed Feelings Leave-In Blonde Toning Drops – Achieve your brightest white color with these toning drops, perfect for platinum, silver or violet hair.

How do I get my golden blonde hair platinum blonde?

You have two options for getting platinum blonde hair from golden blonde: Use a purple shampoo or a purple toner. Purple shampoo is a less aggressive method, and after five or six washes, your hair will be platinum blonde.

How can I lighten my dull blonde hair?


  1. Invest in a Water Filter to Prevent Hard Water. …
  2. Switch to a Shampoo for Blonde Hair. …
  3. Avoid Rinsing Blonde Hair With Hot Water. …
  4. Hydrate Your Hair With Moisturizing Conditioner and Hair Masks. …
  5. Avoid Overheating Your Hair. …
  6. Protect Your Hair from UV Rays. …
  7. Don’t Forget Your Roots.
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Is purple shampoo a toner?

What Does Purple Shampoo Do? Purple shampoo acts as a toner to get rid of brassy tones and return your hair to a cooler, salon-fresh blonde. Using purple shampoo is a key step in helping dyed blonde hair look vibrant and fresh.

How do I get the yellow out of my hair without toner?

How to get yellow out of hair without toner?

  1. Easy-to-use products to eliminate the yellow from your hair. Purple Shampoo. Gentian Violet.
  2. Get rid of the yellow with products you surely have at home. Apple cider vinegar. Hollyhock Lotion. Lemon juice and honey.

Can you go platinum blonde a day?

“The chance of going platinum in one sitting is greater on fine hair and lighter levels of natural color,” says Rick. Unfortunately, there’s no magic hair dye that will take super dark strands to white blonde in one day.

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