What is the best protein for curly hair?

How can I add protein to my curly hair?

Follow up protein treatments with a moisturizing leave-in. Make sure that all products in your routine have moisturizing ingredients while trying to add moisture to your curls. Look for conditioners that pack in both moisture and protein to balance the scale and keep your curls rocking.

Will a protein treatment restore my curls?

If you’ve recently colored or bleached your curls, protein treatments are your new best friend. Products that are rich with protein (like Deep Sea Repair) actually help reverse the signs of heat damage and chemical treatments to bring back texture and definition.

What strengthens curly hair?

Spiral Solutions Leave-in Protein Spray will strengthen your locks and provide shine. Diet – The food we eat plays a very important role in hair strengthening. A diet rich in calcium, phytoestrogens (found in soy products) and vitamin C can work wonders in terms of strengthening those fabulous curly locks.

Does coconut oil add protein to hair?

#1 Coconut oil does not contain proteins itself, it is composed of approximately 50% lauric acid which helps restore and strengthen the protein structure of your hair. … Coconut oil reinforces the protein structure of your hair: it helps curls retain moisture by closing the hair cuticles.

Is curly hair rare?

Curly hair can be frustrating, agonizing, and at times wholly upsetting. But ultimately, us curly-haired humans were given these quirky manes for a reason. Until you accept your curly hair for what it is, these situations might seem weird and annoying, but they’re actually 100 percent common.

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