What is the best permanent hair straightening treatment?

What is the best way to straighten hair permanently?

Permanent Straightening (Chemical) Methods

  1. Hair Rebonding. Hair rebonding is the process of restructuring the bonds in your hair to alter its shape. …
  2. Hair Relaxing. This is a more cost-effective and natural-looking method. …
  3. 3. Japanese Or Thermal Reconditioning. …
  4. Keratin Treatment (Brazillian Treatment)

Is smoothening better than keratin?

Basically, if you’re happy with your waves and curls, but would love to cut down on frizz (and loosen your texture a bit), you should try a smoothing treatment. If you want your hair to look flat-ironed straight, go for the Keratin treatmemnt/Brazilian blowout.

What is the price of permanent hair straightening?

Product Specification

Hair Style Hair Straightening Price Hair Smoothening Price
Permanent Hair Smoothening Price Rs 2990 (Any Length)
Hair Smoothening Cost Rs 2990 (Any Length)
Permanent Hair Straightening Price Near Me Rs 2990 (Any Length)
Hair Rebonding Price Rs 2990 (Any Length)
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