What does chlorine do to keratin treated hair?

Chlorine is especially damaging to the hair and will disintegrate the keratin layer quickly. Additionally, salt water isn’t the best for the treatment and will shorten the time you have with your frizz-free locks.

What can you not do after a keratin treatment?

Make sure no event requiring an up-do, hat, or any bands or clips is on your schedule as hair must hang loose for three days after your treatment. Review your calendar to be sure nothing requiring your hair to get wet is planned for the three days after your treatment.

Will chlorine ruin a Brazilian Blowout?

Can you swim in the pool or ocean after you have the Brazilian Blowout treatment? A. Yes, you can swim in either the pool or the ocean after you receive the Brazilian Blowout treatment, however, the treatment may be slightly compromised if you swim on a regular basis.

What happens if you bleach keratin treated hair?

After treatment the Keratin coat your hair like a thin layer of film and colorants might not penetrate the hair they way it should. Either wait three weeks or do it before. With bleaching, the effect is the same. You might get patchy results!

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Will bleach ruin keratin treatment?

No, do not apply bleach to Keratin treated hair. Bleach may be applied on re-growth only. All highlights are to be completed before Keratin treatment is applied.

Will sweat ruin a keratin treatment?

Heavy workouts and excess sweating will force you to wash your hair each time you get home from the gym. Even if you get by with dry shampoos, sweating on the scalp will interfere with your keratin treatment setting in. To avoid all the hassle, plan to start your gym routine again after 2 weeks.

How do you protect keratin from chlorine?

Keratin — Take Care of Your Keratin Treatment

While swimming in the ocean or chlorinated pool water, simply tuck your hair into a swimming cap. This will protect your hair and keep it dry. Or, if you prefer, you can treat your hair with a keratin-infused conditioner prior to going swimming.

How do I protect my keratin hair from chlorine?

We strongly recommend using a leave in conditioner such as Marcia Teixeira® Keratin Leave-in Spray to help minimize absorption of salt and chlorine. After you finish swimming, you should rinse your hair with clear water. We highly discourage sitting in the sun with salt or chlorine residue left on your hair.

What happens if you don’t rinse out Brazilian Blowout?

There is no need to rinse the hair and there is no down time. The client may exercise, swim, put hair into a ponytail or clip. It will have no adverse effect on the results.

Can you use purple shampoo on keratin treated hair?

A special purple shampoo is one of the best ways to solve the brassy hair problem. … A professional toning shampoo can be applied right after you have administered keratin, unlike other treatment methods which are recommended to be used in two weeks after keratin administration.

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