Should I not wash my hair before bleaching?

It’s recommended to avoid washing your hair just before bleaching it. That’s because your hair’s natural oil, or sebum, protects your scalp during the process. The oil will help minimize scalp irritation and hair protein damage. … You’ll likely have to avoid washing your hair for a few days before your appointment.

What happens if you wash your hair before bleaching?

If you wash your hair just before bleaching, you‘ll remove the natural moisture provided by the oil on your scalp. This oil is essential because it protects the hair from the chemicals used during bleaching. Also, professionals are used to working on “dirty hair” that is unwashed for two days before bleaching.

Can I put oil in my hair before bleaching?

We don’t recommend using oil prior to bleaching your hair unless it’s specifically recommended by your stylist. Treating your hair with coconut oil prior to bleaching your hair is used to avoid damaged hair and keep your scalp and hair healthy during the bleaching process.

Does coconut oil help bleached hair?

Yes, coconut oil is good for bleached and blonde hair. How often should you use coconut oil for bleached hair? You can use coconut oil for damaged and bleached hair once every week to help reconstruct your hair strands and regain their luster.

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