How do you wash Malaysian body wave hair?

When washing your hair, make sure to first brush it thoroughly with a paddle brush to ensure that strands are free-flowing. use a mild wig shampoo and wash gently with lukewarm water. After rinsing, allow the hair to air dry. Do not finger comb the hair until it has completely dried.

How long does Malaysian hair last?

With proper washing and care your malaysian hair weave can last from 1 to 5 years,although it is only recommended to wear weave 2-3 months.

How do you keep Malaysian hair curly?

UNice Mall brings to you some tips to maintain malaysian curly hair weave:

  1. Always wash your curly weave on a mannequin head . …
  2. Use a shampoo for dry/damaged hair or for chemically treated hair if the curls are not naturally from the donor.
  3. Never brush curly hair weave when it’s dry.

Can you straighten Malaysian body wave hair?

Malaysian Body Wave hair does not carry shine like the Indian virgin hairs, but it does have more body than the Indian and Brazilian hairs. The Body Wave hair texture allows a natural very loose wave pattern and can easily be straightened bone straight.

How do you get body wave curls back after washing?

Soak your body wave weave human hair after you smooth your body wave hair sew-in. You can put the body wave human hair into a basin of water, applying some high-quality hair washing shampoo, this can completely remove the dirt and oil from your body wave hair with closure.

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How do you keep Malaysian hair moisturized?

Deep cure is essential for you to maintain hair’s luster and curls. Use High Quality Oil,Apply a moisturizing conditioner after every shampoo and a deep conditioner every two to four weeks. Besides,use high quality oil on hair weave in normal times.

How do I make my curly wig less frizzy?

How to De-Frizz a Synthetic Wig

  1. Wash Your Wig. One simple way to defrizz a synthetic wig is to wash it. …
  2. Use a Conditioning Spray. Most of our clients forget after washing to condition the wig. …
  3. Use a Dry Shampoo. Don’t have time to wash your wig and let it air-dry? …
  4. If All Else Fails, Try a Hot Air Brush.
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