How do you moisturize high porosity hair everyday?

How often should you moisturize high porosity hair?

2. Deep condition often. High porosity hair needs moisture but a protein – moisture balance is also very essential. To never get off balance, NaturalReign likes to use a moisturizing deep conditioner one week and a protein deep conditioner the next week.

How often should you do a protein treatment on high porosity hair?

High Porosity hair will typically deep condition with protein 1-2x a month and deep condition for moisture 1-2x a month. Damaged hair of any porosity tends to benefit from protein deep treatments 2-3x a month and moisture deep treatments 1-2x a month.

What ingredients are good for high porosity hair?

Hardges recommends cremes, oils, and butters to aid in moisturizing and strengthening highly porous hair. Jojoba oil is among her favorites. “Jojoba oil most closely mimics the hair’s natural oils,” she explains. “Citric acid is another great ingredient.

How do you seal moisture in high porosity hair?

How to Keep High Porosity Hair Moisturized

  1. Have a go-to conditioner. No matter the porosity of your hair, you should be conditioning your hair regularly. …
  2. Deep condition regularly. …
  3. Find a good leave-in conditioner. …
  4. Be sure to use heavier products to compensate for what you’re missing. …
  5. Seal with the right butter or oil.
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What oil is best for high porosity hair?

For those with high porosity hair, heavy oils will be your new best friend. Heavy oils include castor oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and more. If you’re committed to your oils, try using one of these heavy oils when doing a hot oil treatment.

Can you change hair porosity?

In a nutshell, hair porosity is how well your hair absorbs and retains moisture. Porosity is usually genetic, but it can change throughout your life depending on a variety of factors. Exposure, heat treatments, chemical processing, and environmental damage (like pollution) can all affect your hair porosity.

What does high porosity hair look like?

Characteristics of High Porosity Curly Hair • Curls easily absorb water, however, it requires more products. Curls often look and feel dry. Curls are often frizzy. Curls dry quickly.

What is the best protein treatment for high porosity hair?

Best Protein Treatments For High Porosity Hair

  • Aphogee Two-step Treatment Protein for Damaged Hair.
  • Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Anti-Breakage Leave-In Treatment.
  • IGK Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Anti-Frizz Smoothing Spray.
  • Giovanni Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor.
  • Real Protein Treatment by Green Beauty.
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