How do you fix spots after bleaching your hair?

Start in the darkest area and saturate hair with bleach, protecting the “good” areas with cotton. Once you have saturated all the undesirable hair, apply pre-treatment to the remaining spots. Leave the bleach on until you reach the correct level of lift, then shampoo and dry. DO NOT add heat to help the process along.

How do you fix bleached hair spots?

How to Fix Uneven Bleached Hair – 4 Best Methods

  1. Apply a darker hair dye to cover it up. This is a popular process for fixing uneven bleached hair. …
  2. Wait for few weeks and reapply your bleach. Recommended Product: …
  3. Utilize toning shampoos to fix the problematic shades. …
  4. Use targeted bleach applications for the missed spots.

How do I fix patchy uneven bleached hair?

There are two ways to fix unevenly bleached hair. The fastest method is to use another, darker hair dye to cover the unevenly bleached hair. If you bleached your hair to a medium blond, for example, you could cover it with a light brown.

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