Frequent question: Can you curl straight hair extensions?

If you are using Remy or human hair extensions, you don’t really have to worry because there isn’t much harm in using curling irons on them. Just make sure that you apply protectant spray and not do the hot curling so often.

Can I curl my hair extensions?

Hair extensions can be styled to create so many different fabulous looks! One of our favorite things to do with hair extensions is curl them, of course. When curling hair extensions, you are able to give body to your hair and get those thick and luscious locks you desire!

What kind of hair extensions can you curl and straighten?

You can heat style your remy hair extensions just as you do with your natural hair, and blow-dry, curl and straighten them, but keep in mind human hair extensions will damage just like your own hair. You should always use a heat protector spray before applying hot curling and straightening irons to any extension hair.

Can you use a curling iron on hair extensions?

Babe’s extensions are made of 100% human hair, so curling irons and other heat tools are still going to work just as they do on your own hair. If you’re using a curling or flat iron, the key is to use low heat settings and use a heat protectant spray.

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How do I keep my curls in my hair extensions?

Step 1: Apply a little stronghold mousse or curling cream to your extensions to define them better. This will smooth down stray hair strands and help them hold shape. Step 2: Curl the extensions with a heated hair styling tool. Never use plastic rollers.

Should you curl hair extensions before putting them in?

Speaking of curling, it does not matter whether you curl your hair before or after applying the extensions. However, even though my hair and the extensions were pre-curled in this post, I do prefer to curl after I’ve applied all the hair. This typically creates a more unified, blended look.

Why won’t my hair extensions curl?

Your Human Hair Extensions Not Holding A Curl? … This is due to the hair donor and its another reason why the hair may not hold a curl well, as some Chinese hair can be more courser in texture than others which results in curling the hair seem nearly impossible.

Can you straighten your hair with hair extensions?

If you have bought high-quality Remy hair extensions, that means you can curl them, straighten them, and even dye them. But all of those must be done very carefully and not too often. … Although hot tools should be used as little as possible, they are still the only and best way to straighten your strands!

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