Does SMP damage hair follicles?

SMP does not damage your hair follicles. Some people say that it might actually stimulate hair growth.

Does SMP cause hair loss?

Potential risks and side effects

SMP does not treat the various causes of hair loss. Instead, it camouflages the thinning hair by decreasing the contrast of skin and hair; it is a cosmetic procedure.

Does SMP affect hair transplant?

Can you have a hair transplant procedure and Scalp Micropigmentation? Full disclosure– we recommend it. The results of combining SMP with a hair transplant or with follicular unit extraction (FUE), can exceed that of just the hair replacement procedure.

Does SMP go away?

After your complete sessions, your SMP is expected to last for a long time. It usually lasts up to 6-7 years. Then after some time, the color starts to fade away. Note that even after all these years, your Scalp Micropigmentation does not discolor.

Is scalp micropigmentation noticeable?

It is noticeable if you let your hair grow out too long. … In fact, scalp micropigmentation is much less noticeable than hair loss is. So if you have scalp micropigmentation in order to cover hair loss, then it’s going to be much less noticeable.

Can I wear a hat after SMP?

You can wear a hat immediately after each treatment. Don’t worry about sleeping on it, the pigment won’t smudge or smear on your pillows.

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Is SMP hair worth?

The bottom line – you don’t actually have to suffer to the cruel hands of mother nature when she doled out hair loss. You can conceal her ruthless work. … Join the club of people who lost their hair but then found themselves an instant new hairline through scalp micropigmentation. Because SMP really is worth it.

How long does SMP take to heal?

It usually takes around 7-10 days for the scalp to fully heal. For the first few days, the area of treatment may appear red. This should be no cause for alarm, and it indicates the body is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

Is SMP better than hair transplant?

SMP is useful for those who have lost hair in patches, as it can be used as a ‘filler’. A hair transplant is a medical procedure. The result is the movement of genetically healthy hair. A hair transplant cannot be achieved on someone who is completely bald.

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