Does Malibu CPR lift natural hair?

Key Benefits: May remove 1-3 levels; color will not re-darken; no lifting of natural hair pigment; superior on “home hair color,” and no harsh odor. TO USE: Fill applicator bottle with 4 oz.

What does Malibu CPR do?

New CPR Color Pigment Reducer is a patented, nature-identical crystallized vitamin complex that reduces and removes unwanted permanent oxidative color pigment and helps preserve the integrity of the hair. The crystallized powered recues unwanted metallic minerals and pigment without lifting natural haircolor.

Should I use Malibu CPR or DDL?

For a wellness approach to color correction, CPR is recommended first and if further color correction is necessary, follow with DDL Direct Dye Lifter.

Will a Malibu treatment remove color?

Will the Wellness Remedy strip my color? The Malibu C Wellness Remedies do not “strip” color; however, if you have mineral buildup on your hair, there is a possibility that as the Wellness Remedy removes the minerals, any color attached on top of those minerals would come off as well.

Does Malibu DDL remove permanent color?

DDL Direct Dye Lifter features a creamy, nondrip formula that is freshly-activated and can be used with or without developer, giving you the control you want during the color removal process while helping to preserve the integrity of your clients’ hair.

Does Malibu Treatment damage hair?

It also removes the residue left by hard water and chlorine from swimming pools. The iron and calcium in hard water may darken light hair. The minerals may also damage hair, reduce its thickness, shine, and body, and also fade any hair color.

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