Can I lift my hair color without bleach?

Lifting your hair’s tone without bleaching is possible, as long as you have never colored your hair before. But you should know that you can actually lighten it three shades at most. All you have to do is use a permanent color and choose the right shade and reflection of color to get a customized shade.

How can I lift my hair color at home?

Lifting hair color at home is effective and more gentle on the hair and scalp. Wet the hair with water and lather with clarifying shampoo. Massage the shampoo into the hair from roots to ends to create a thick lather. Leave the clarifying shampoo on the hair for a few minutes, as it works to remove and lighten color.

How many levels can you lift hair without bleach?

How many levels can hair color lift? Typically, you can lift your hair 2-3 levels with a standard hair color. High-lift colors can usually lift up to 5 levels lighter.

Is high lift color better than bleach?

High lift hair dye only lightens. It doesn’t remove any pigments. And if your hair is brown, and you want to lighten it up to five shades, I advise you to use a high lift hair dye. It’s less aggressive than bleach and adds color to your hair while it lightens it.

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