Best answer: Can you use wild growth hair oil on wet hair?

After shampooing, apply 10-20 drops of Wild Growth® Light Oil moisturizer to wet hair and scalp. Towel dry hair until damp and apply 5-10 drops of Wild Growth® Hair Oil from finger tips directly to entire scalp.

Can you use wild growth oil on wet hair?

This oil works so a little goes a long way. You can use it daily or every other day, it depends on your scalp. see less Hey you, this product is very easy to use, okay. First of all, you can use this product on dry, damp and wet hair.

How long does it take for wild growth hair oil to work?

It doesn’t take long for Wild Growth hair oil to work & get results when working the oil into your hair growth regimen correctly. It takes as little as 3 weeks as long as you’re consistent. How you use the oil makes THE difference in it working in less than 2 months.

Does wild growth make your hair fall out?

Wild Growth Hair Oil Side Effects

Before using any hair growth product, you should be aware of potential adverse side effects. Thankfully, I didn’t experience any terrible side effects with Wild Growth Hair Oil, however, others have reported hair loss, thinning hair, and even bald spots!

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How many times a week should you use wild growth hair oil?

Apply Wild Growth® Hair Oil on dry hair once to three times per week or whenever hair frizzes.

What’s the difference between the white and yellow bottle of Wild Growth oil?

Wild Growth Hair Oil in the (White Bottle) is used for damp to dry hair. It’s a rich oil that buffers heat styling damage. The (Yellow Bottle) is Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer and is used with your shampoo to protect your hair from wash damage. Together they bring the ultimate in hair care and healthy hair growth!

Do you have to wash wild hair growth oil out?

QUESTION: Do you have to wash your hair everytime you use wild growth oils? ANSWER: No, both oils are leave-in, however the yellow bottle is also used as a co-wash to protect hair from chemical and friction damage during washing as well as aiding in growth.

Can you use hair growth oil everyday?

“You may need to shampoo every day if you are applying oil to your scalp and hair daily. This may affect people with dry scalp and hair conditions. Thus, it is better to limit your hair oiling regime to twice or thrice a week,” says Dr. Zeel.

How long do it take wild growth to grow your hair?

The Results of Using Wild Growth Hair Oil

Like most other products available on the market, it will take a few weeks before you start seeing some improvement, like softer or stronger hair. Within a month or two, you’ll begin to see the full results of the product.

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Can you mix wild growth hair oil with other oils?

Yes you can, but if you’re allergic to sulfur. Don’t do it. This product contains a lot of sulfur.

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