Best answer: Can 2 hairs grow from the same follicle?

Congratulations: You’ve discovered phenomenon called pili multigemini. It’s when a hair seems to have Siamese-twinned itself, and now two hairs (or even several more) grow from one single follicle.

Can two hairs grow out of one follicle?

Multiple hair growing from one hair follicle is not particularly common in Caucasians, but it does happen,” explains trichologist Anthony Pearce. … “It’s not uncommon for a single follicle to have several hairs growing from it.

What are strawberry legs?

Strawberry legs occur when small black spots develop on the legs. These spots resemble strawberry seeds. People can usually prevent strawberry legs by using a moisturizing shaving cream and trying other self-care practices. Typical symptoms of strawberry legs include: open pores that appear darkened.

How many hairs a day do we grow?

Human hair grows at a fairly consistent rate of about half a millimeter per day, or about half an inch each month (more specifically, the study says hair grows at 0.44 mm per day),- Thanks Google BTW!!!!

How many hairs regrow a day?

According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, it’s normal to lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. For people with longer hair strands, losing them may be more noticeable.

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