Are protein fillers bad for your hair?

Any color or perming treatment has the tendency to damage your hair, despite making it the color or texture of your dreams. Chemical damage breaks the protein bonds of your hair, making it porous, weakened and more prone to breakage.

How often can I use protein filler on my hair?

Precautions: As a protein treatment, Neutral Protein Filler works exceptionally well for hair that lacks protein. However, do not use a protein filler more than once a month to avoid overloading your hair with protein.

Is protein filler good for low porosity hair?

​Damaged low porosity hair can benefit from proteins just like damaged medium or high porosity hair. If that’s your hair right now, then it really does need protein (or a good protein alternative) to help strengthen it and shield it from further breakage.

Can you mix protein filler with conditioner?

It works great to protect hair during bleaching but it also helps repair bleached hair. Use it once every 2 weeks mixed into a deep conditioner to help keep hair soft & healthy. Yes, you can mix protein filler into bleach mixture. … Use it once every 2 weeks mixed into a deep conditioner to help keep hair soft & healthy.

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Can you put protein filler in shampoo?

Wash hair with shampoo, rinse thoroughly and blot as much excess water out of your hair as possible. Then mix 2oz. of protein filler with 1oz. … You will need to replace moisture in the hair after a protein treatment because protein forces moisture out of the hair.

How can I add protein to my hair at home?

Homemade Protein Hair Treatments

  1. Egg mask. You can make a protein treatment for natural hair with eggs you have at home. …
  2. Yogurt. Yogurt, sour cream and similar dairy products contain not only protein, but lactic acid, which cleanses your hair while the fat in the dairy moisturizes it. …
  3. Avocado. …
  4. Coconut oil.

How can I get more protein for my hair?

6 All-Natural Ways to Give Your Hair the Protein it Needs

  1. Eat some meat. …
  2. Or, eat some plant-based protein. …
  3. DIY a protein treatment. …
  4. Give yourself a protein scalp massage. …
  5. Try an almond milk hair rinse. …
  6. Apply “contaminated” oils.

Do you dry hair after protein filler?

You can wait 20 minutes after applying filler but you do not need to dry your hair. It is OK to apply hair color to damp hair.

Does low porosity hair need leave in conditioner?

For women with low porosity hair, a hair type that doesn’t easily retain moisture, it’s important to select a leave-in conditioner that contains humectants like honey, aloe vera and rice proteins, to prevent further moisture loss. It’s also essential to use a lightweight formula.

Which protein is good for low porosity hair?

One of the best proteins for low porosity hair is hydrolyzed wheat protein oil. It has a small enough molecule structure too enter low porosity hair strands, but big enough molecule size to cover and protect your hair strands.

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