What causes alopecia in Pomeranians?

Alopecia X (AX) is a hereditary condition that primarily affects Pomeranians and causes truncal alopecia and skin hyperpigmentation. … To date, AX’s etiology remains unknown, although altered sex hormone metabolism has been suggested as an underlying cause.

Are Pomeranians prone to alopecia?

Alopecia X is hair loss with no known cause, and it’s one of the few health issues that can plague Pomeranians. … This abnormal hair loss can occur when the dog is anywhere between 1 and 10 years old, and may happen after the puppy ugly stage instead of the adult coat growing in.

How do you treat alopecia in Pomeranians?

Treatments For Alopecia In Dogs

You’ll need to see your vet to determine the cause of alopecia in your dog. Antibiotics, antifungals, and steroids are often used topically or orally to treat skin conditions and inflammation. Antihistamines can be used for allergic reactions.

How do you prevent Pomeranian alopecia?

The most effective at-home method to cure BSD, Alopecia, or fur loss with a Pomeranian is to:

  1. Offer daily melatonin.
  2. Offer daily omega-3 fish oil.
  3. Topically treat the skin and fur with a specialized shampoo, conditioner, and restorative lotion.

How often do Pomeranians get alopecia?

The average age of Pomeranians to get affected by the black skin disease is two years. However, the Pomeranian may get this disease when they maybe three months old, one-year-old or four years old.

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Can stress cause alopecia in dogs?

Over-grooming – Over grooming (grooming too much) often causes alopecia, saliva staining and red skin. It can be due to stress, pain or irritated skin. Seasonal alopecia – Some dogs develop harmless patches of alopecia in the autumn that don’t regrow for 6-12 months. This can happen year on year.

Can shaving a Pomeranian cause alopecia?

Pomeranians have coats that can be damaged through clipping and shaving. When the hair is groomed too short, the hair may grow back fuzzy with a wiry texture. … In some cases, shaving a dog too short can lead to post clipping alopecia.

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