Question: Why are so many bald eagles dying?

American bald eagles are dying, and scientists may finally know why. … Researchers have discovered a new virus in the bird, and it’s infecting nearly one-third of the bald eagles in North America, says a study published Friday in the journal Scientific Reports.

What is killing bald eagles?

Bald eagles, as well as other wildlife, have been succumbing to a mysterious neurodegenerative disease in the southern United States since the 1990s. … New research identifies the cause of these deaths: a toxin produced by cyanobacteria that grow on invasive aquatic plants.

Why is it illegal to kill a bald eagle?

It currently prohibits anyone, without a permit issued by the Secretary of the Interior, from “taking” bald eagles. Taking is described to include their parts, nests, or eggs, molesting or disturbing the birds.

Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

Effective June 8, 1940
Public law P.L 86-70,P.L. 87-884,P.L. 92-535,P.L. 95-616

Where do bald eagles go to die?

Because of their honored status and listing on the federal Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, the birds are not treated like most dead animals, that is, left to rot in the field or scooped off the side of the road to be deposited in a landfill.

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