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NATURAL HAIR | 'Hair Stories' by Nakeya b – Photo series

NATURAL HAIR | 'Hair Stories' by Nakeya b – Photo series

California born, New York based photographer Nakeya tells the global “Hair Stories” of black women in her perspective through the lens of her camera. She describes her work as “the visualisation of blackness and womanhood with an emphasis on the politics of hair, one the most scrutinised components of a black woman’s body.”  
Hair Stories 1


She goes on to say her ” photographs examine the multiplicity of African–American hair through presenting it in various states whether braided, weaved, straightened, or natural.” I am intrigued by its ability to communicate dual messages about a woman’s relationship to herself and to society at large.”

Hair stories 2 hair stories 3

in addition Nakeya states “Through past memories and personal observations, I use photography to examine how the racialized notion of beauty shape self-perception from a black feminist context.”  We can most definitely relate to all the 7 images catured. This photo series we know will invoke unique (positive or negative) memories and or feeling for viewers.

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What hair stories can you share with us? Let us know below!