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5 pieces of advice for embracing your natural hair texture post BIG CHOP…

5 pieces of advice for embracing your natural hair texture post BIG CHOP…

The moment has finally arrived and you’ve taken the plunge. With your processed ends on the floor,
you take a glance in the mirror and are forced to reacquaint yourself with the tresses that you hardly took the time to know. For some, it’s liberating. Their inner diva is awakened and they go forth to conquer the world. For others, it’s a period of disappointment as they realise that the hair type they have isn’t necessarily the one that they, quite frankly, wanted. Here are some ways to get you started on the path to embracing your hair texture after your Big Chop.

Twistout Shea Dec

Find inspiration on social media
It is important not to idolise another person’s hair. This is especially true if that person has a hair type different to yours that you view as ‘prettier’ or ‘more manageable’. Whilst you may draw inspiration from those with a different hair type, a great thing to do is find those with an established social media presence who have hair types similar to your own. Not only will you find someone who shares a similar experience when it comes to their hair but you will also gain from their documented struggles, hairstyles and product usage. Eventually you may find yourself going ‘If she can do it, why can’t I?’

Here are some great natural hair social media pages you may consider following; WomanInTheJungle (of course), Natutal Hair Daily, Curls Understood, Curlbox just to name a few.
Experiment with different styles

Work with what you’ve got! 
Finding hairstyles that complement both your features and overall personality will undoubtedly increase your self confidence. There are few things more satisfying than knowing that you are well put together. However, this may take a lot of time, trial and error. It is important not to become discouraged. Ultimately, the final results are worth the effort, bring you several steps closer to fully embracing your hair type as you begin to love how your new dos look on you.

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