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Editor's Blog | 10 ways i'm maintain creativeness in 2015…

Editor's Blog | 10 ways i'm maintain creativeness in 2015…
Wunmi Akinlagun - Editor

My 10 creative takeaway aids from vid

IMG_46701. Make Lists – I am forever forgetting things that are sometime very important. This will definitely help me be more organised.

2. Carry a Note book everywhere – Got an idea write it down! – Handy for Making my lists and jotting down anything creative that pops into my head (and doodling on the bus on my way into work)

3. Get a way from the computer – This one is going to be tough as I think the computer kinda aids some of my creativity. So what im going to do is blog more from my phone, when I can figure out how to do it. Also have certain days of the week that I make and post videos and surf the net most likely Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Thank God for smart phones! lol

4. Sing in the shower – Because that’s the only place I sound like Mariah. My dream of stardom is not a dream within those four walls. Definitely a confidence builder.

5. Surround my self with creative AND positive people – Negativity breads negativity.

6. Dont give up, Practice, Practice, Practice, Allow yourself to make mistakes and Take Risks! I think these go hand in hand.If ever you don’t succeed, try, try again.Practice makes perfect!A man that allows himself to make mistakes and learn from them is in a far better position than a man that is too scared to take risks and make one.

7. Count my blessing – It is only by his might’I can do all things through christ that strengthens me’ (Philippian 4:13) but remember God helps those that help themselves’ … among others. Click for inspiration about this.

8. Read a page of the dictionary, everyday – A wide vocabulary really does aid creativity.

9. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect – No one can every love me more than I SHOULD love myself.

10. HAVE FUN! Bonus – Just want to finish off by saying procrastination is the pathway to failure, Finish something! So that’s 11 lol

Do you think any of these point may help you in your life?

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