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New in Hair: 'Curly by Nature' Haircare products in review

New in Hair: 'Curly by Nature' Haircare products in review

The brand:

Curly By Nature is a new british haircare company that provides haircare treats that uses 100% natural ingredients specifically formulated for genetically curly hair. Their mission is to serve people with effective natural solutions that revive the beauty, wonder and versatility of genetically curly hair and to dispel the negative myths associated with curly hair. Designed to eliminate the signs of dry, breaking or damaged hair using Natural ingredients, Curly By Nature is proud to present 3 introductory products (shown below)”

Curly by nature

First impression: We are always very excited to hear when a new Curly/Natural hair brand launches in the UK. As we do not have very many home grown natural hair brands, new ones are always welcome. The purchasing process so much easier. What we particular loved about Curly by Nature was that they had thought about all aspects of their brand and not just the content in the bottle/jar. They have produced a product that looks extremely professional, that would fit right in if displayed on the shelves of high-street stores such as Boots, Superdrugs and in black hair shops  (beauty supply for our US readers) such as PAKs, Sally’s. The overall image of the brand I think really makes them stand out from what is currently being produced in the UK by other small start-up brands. We were send 3 products from the line to try out and her is what we though about there performance.


1. Moisturising Shampoo: The Moisturising shampoo is available in a 200ml bottle at £18.99. The consistency is looser than what you may typically be used to in a traditional shampoo. To not waste the product it was easier to wet the hair outside of the shower and lather before getting in the shower to rinse. A very small amount of the product goes a long way and was easily distributed throughout the hair. It lathered up nicely and rid the hair and scalp of any build up on the first shampoo. The hair did not feel stripped, but felt clean (hope that make sense). I like to detangle at shampoo stage as to not  disturbed any curls/kinks that form during conditions, this shampoo allowed me to do this as it had a nice slip.

Ingredients – Sugar and Coconut base, Honey Extract, D-Panthenol , A Blend of Protein , Blend of Fruit Extract

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