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Herb it up! Herb it up! and it won't fall out…Cassia Obovata for stronger, longer hair

Herb it up! Herb it up! and it won't fall out…Cassia Obovata for stronger, longer hair

Cassia obovata also referred to as natural henna is a herbal plant, not to be confused with henna. Unlike henna, this plant does not dye hair but may enhance the hue of blonde or reddish hair whilst adding a beautiful gloss to darker hair colors. This plant has a vast array of medicinal as well as cosmetic properties. Constipated? Cassia not only helps you grow, but go. In ancient times,  cassia was renowned for its laxative effects and anti fungal and anti microbial properties.

Cassia Obovata

What  cosmetic benefits can a WITJ achieve from this plant? The answer to that question is many! Cassia is known for strengthening and conditioning strands. The chemical constituents of cassia are absorbed by the strands  and are capable of binding to the keratin protein within the strand. After a cassia treatment, studies have shown the cuticle lays flat and appears unaltered therefore strengthening and concealing the strand at the same time!

Some other great benefits include: improving scalp health, aiding with dandruff and other scalp issues and it has been discovered to impart UV-protection to the strands. It is even safe to use on chemically relaxed or color-treated hair.

Cassia Obovata natural henna powder

Cassia can come in a powdered or pre-mixed form. Generally, the powdered form is more widely used as it is its purest in this state. There are many different ways in which you can prepare the powder for a deep treatment. The most common ways are to add warm water, tea infusions and even champagne to the powder to create a paste. Once you thoroughly add the paste to your hair  leave it in for at least 30 minutes, rinse it out and shampoo and condition as normal. The effects are said to last as long as 4 weeks, some even claim it lasts forever. Regardless, this is an excellent natural treatment that your hair will thank you for and will have you flipping and shaking those healthy curls ,with pride.

Have you tried Cassia Obovata for either cosmetic or medicinal purposes? if yes, what were your results?