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Bras in size D – KK – Allevon Lingerie Review

Bras in size D – KK – Allevon Lingerie Review

It’s been about 8 weeks or so now since I receive two bras from Allevon Lingerie and I have had plenty of time to wear the bras with different outfits for different time periods and see how they faired in the washer. Before I start in on the review, here is Just a brief run down of Allevon Lingerie its self. Allevon Lingerie is a UK  based company (ship to the UK & Europe) launched late 2012, by Novella Yeboah, that specialises in under garments, such as bras & Lingerie for woman with a bust size D – KK.


Allevon Lingerie have a great selections of bras and other lingerie items that are both aesthetically pleasing for the modern day women and affordable for the average pocket. As it is so important to be fitted if and when you inflate and deflate in terms of bust size and back size, Alloven Lingerie offer an at home fitting service for customers living within the London area. That means they come to YOU! If you haven’t been professionally fitted in the  last year or so, I would definitely advise you to be fitted as not only can wearing the wrong bra look ugly under clothing, but can be contributing to medical issues such as back ache. This is especially relevant to women with big breasts. I wish that I had utilised this service as I was offered it, but was unable to make it to the fitting we had pencilled in. I think it snowed that day. 

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