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Big Chop number 2 – Why did you do it boo boo

Big Chop number 2 – Why did you do it boo boo

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January 2nd 2013 marked the day that I began my new healthy hair journey by doing the Big Chop for the second time round.

photo 2-2

photo 1-2

I cut myself at home, then went to the barbers that evening to get it shaped and the back cut as I obviously couldn’t see what was going on back there.


January 3rd 2013

The next day I was really excited about my my new hair cut so decided to film a video to let the YT know what was going down. I was a little shy at first to get in front of the camera and start film. I had tons running through my mind like, what if EVERYONE unsubscribes to Woman In The Jungle because I had no hair. I am such an over thinker *sigh*. I speak about my reasons for chopping it all off as that was the number one question people were asking when I revealed my new do on Facebook .


So why did I big chop again? 2013 for me symbolised the letting go of a past life and the accepting of the journey into a new me. I really grew as a person and found a new found love for who I am and what I could offer society. I learnt to forgive, forget and move on from those I loved that have wronged me, in which ever way. I learnt how to live with out those that I felt I could never see life without. As I made that conscious decision to shed a past life, I felt shedding myself of hair that had been a part of my past life was  more than fitting. It also gave me a fresh start with my nape growth and the breakage I was experiencing in my crown area. Fingers crossed my nape grows in better than it previously did. I will be sure to keep a log of the growth in that area and post accordingly.

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