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BeUnique Hair Care – Natural product line review

BeUnique Hair Care – Natural product line review


BeUnique Hair Care, Natural Product line in review – I have had the BeUnique Hair Care Shea Bliss conditioner for ages now, so my apologies to Belinda (The founder of BeUnique Hair Care) for the tardy review. First thing, I want to stress how important it is to use products how instructed to by the producer/manufacturer. The BeUnique Hair Care Shea Bliss Conditioner is a Moisturising Deep Treatment that can also be used as a Leave-in conditioner. Two different ways to use products is always a good thing.



Before using the Shea Bliss Conditioner, I cleansed my hair as usual using the Belle Vie Double Shea and Hemp Shampoo bar (You can watch my review here) . Once I had rinsed that out with warm water, I applied the BeUnique Hair Care Shea Bliss  conditioner to my hair, in about four sections. The Shea Bliss conditioner  is of a thick consistency reminiscent of a heavy whipped aerated moose. However,  seeing other reviews of the Shea Bliss recently, I think the consistency may have changed to more of a thick dense creamy constancy. The conditioner was easily distributed throughout the hair, but I found it initially didn’t have enough slip to detangle with. I found on application, it sat on the hair and didn’t absorb into the hair right away. I have used it about 3 times now and have figured out, there is more slip having let it sit in my hair for about 30 or so mins. So, I detangle just before rinsing out, this also allows time for the  product to absorbs into the hair.

The first time I used the product, I fell asleep with it in my hair. I never usually do this as I know my scalp towards the back and nape area flares up when I do. Needless to say, this time was no different. Note to self ‘Don’t conditioner hair close to bed time’ I left it for about a week and tried the conditioner again. This time the conditioner was left on for the recommended 30mins and rinsed it out. I got wicked curl definition on naked hair and my hair looked shiny. As long as I leave the Shea bliss on for no longer than an hour, my scalp is fine, but any longer and it begins to itch towards the back. I am possibly sensitive to an ingredient in the conditioner. My hair felt moisturised, but not anymore moisturised than other conditioners that I currently use.

I did a review on the  Mango Twist and Moisture Custard a couple of months back and you can check that out  below

Mango Twist


Initial twists done at the beginning of the week



I took the twist down after a week and wore my hair in a twistout (I can’t find pictures of the first day twistout results, my bad). That evening I Re-twisted the hair in bigger sections to wear to bed. Below is a picture of the twists the next morning before the take down.



Below are a few picture of my results when using Castor Oil in conjunction with the BeUnique Hair Care Mango Twist. 



Head over to BeUnique Hair Care site for all ingredients and for product prices and available sizes –

* These products were sent to me for review

Review Overview

Shea Bliss final thoughts

Worked Well

Overview - The Shea Bliss is more of a mask and a little too think for may hair. It took a to absorb into my hair, so would not be an option on the days that I choose to cleanse my hair right before going out. For may hair it also had minimal to zero slip on application and had to be left to absorb before I could detangle. For me it was a bit of an issue as I like to detangle as I am applying the condition then twist in sections before putting shower cap on. Works well to moisturise my hair, but performs equally to the current conditioners I have at home. Although I liked the Shea Bliss and will use the rest of the product, I wouldn't get panicked if I ran out.