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5 STAR hair oils and why we love them…

5 STAR hair oils and why we love them…

The application of oils to the scalp and strands is widely practiced among many naturalistas and a vital part of our haircare regimen. With a wide variety of oils and oil-related products on the market, it can be overwhelming when deciphering which oils are best for you.

There are 5 oils in particular that we hear a lot of chatter over that seem to boast a widely good reputation for their overall effects on the health & maintenance of the hair. They include oils of: 1.Olive 2.Coconut 3.Alma 4.Avocado and 5.Castor

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These oils have the ability to impart the cuticle with strengthening nutrients which improve the tensile strength of your hair. They possess a nutrient dense profile and are abundant in Vitamin E, amino acids, essential fatty-acids, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Repetitive use of nutrient dense oils on the hair and scalp will result in the improvement of circulation to the scalp, breakage prevention and frizz reduction among others. Keep in mind that certain oils, depending on their thickness (viscosity), will dictate the best method of application.

Thicker oils like castor and avocado oil have a high viscosity. Thicker oils are more difficult to penetrate the scalp and may leave a heavy coating on the strands when used as a leave-in. Overuse can potentially clog pores and weigh your hair down. These types of oils are best suited for the application of deep treatments, or mixing with a conditioner for added moisturizing properties.

You can try mixing heavier oils with, lighter, carrier oils. Oils of almond and grapeseed, for example, can be mixed with heavier oils to be used as a leave-in. Best of both worlds! Lighter oils of coconut and olive are excellent leave-in oils and effectively smoothen the cuticles allowing the hair to retain moisture. Hair becomes soft to the touch, manageable and healthy as a result.

Although excellent as a leave-in, coconut oil is our top choice for deep conditioning treatments as frizz seems to be abolished when using this oil as a pre-poo. Alma oil, though, is our favorite of all. It can be used as a leave-in and for deep conditioning treatments. This oil is lightweight but very dense in amino acids. Apart from adding moisture to strands, it also increases scalp circulation and stimulates hair growth. The amino acids fortify the strands and as a result the strands are less prone to breakage. This oil also absorbs very nicely into the scalp without weighing the hair down.

What are some of your favourite oils you use regularly?